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Salad and Go founders expand Angie’s Prime Grill, Angie’s Lobster Drive-Thru Units


The co-founders of Salad and Go are expanding their Angie’s Prime Grill and Angie’s Lobster concepts in Arizona, debuting a new Prime Grill location in Phoenix, Ariz., this week.

Tony and Roushan Christofellis, who founded the now-130-unit Salad and Go in 2013 and later sold it, opened the first fast-casual Angie’s Lobster in 2021 under the Angie’s Food Concepts banner. They opened Angie’s Prime Grill in 2023.

Some units offer both menus.

Angie’s Food Concepts partnered with Phoenix-based firm Ideation Design Group to create the newest units. A representative said there are two platforms, one a 1,350-square-foot drive-thru unit with a walkup area and no seats and the covers 1,840 square feet with drive-thru, walkup service and 24 seats.

Angie’s Prime Grill locations feature a proprietary drive-thru system with steak, chicken, shrimp and lobster entrees starting at just $9.99. The company has also worked to vertically integrate its supply chain.

“With Angie’s Food Concepts, we are on a mission to make luxury foods affordable to everyone,” said Roushan Christofellis in a LinkedIn biography.

She said the intent was to make “something that was once only enjoyed on a special occasion into something” that could be a part of customers’ weekly routines.”

“This led us to the launch of Angie’s Prime Grill in 2023, offering USDA prime steak and organic chicken, grilled-to-order and served in savory warm bowls, grilled burritos and fresh-cut salads,” she said.

The company websites indicate four co-located units, three Prime Grill restaurants and one Lobster location.

“We are thrilled to bring the innovative concept of Angie’s Prime Grill to life,” said said Carl Schaffer, Ideation Design’s founder and principal, in a statement.

A representative for Ideation Design Group said four Angie’s Lobsters are under construction across metro Phoenix. Eight Angie’s Prime locations are expected in that area as well.


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