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Papa Johns Adds New Cheesy Calzone Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza to the Menu


Papa Johns is expanding its Epic Stuffed Crust pizza menu again with the addition of the Cheesy Calzone version of the Epic Stuffed Crust line, available in pizza form starting Dec. 18 for rewards members and starting Dec. 26 for non-rewards members starting at $14.99. The Cheesy Calzone pizza is also available in bite-sized Papa Bites format, starting Jan. 22 for rewards members and Jan. 29 for non-rewards members.

The new pizza’s crust is stuffed with a blend of mozzarella and garlic-herb ricotta and served with a side of extra pizza sauce for dipping.

“Papa Johns has made a name for itself in the stuffed crust game by continuing to innovate and offer new flavor combinations that deliver on the quality we’re known for,” Kimberly Bean, senior vice president of menu strategy and product innovation, said in a statement. “We know fans are looking for more indulgent, savory flavors and deliciously surprising textures, so we can’t wait for them to get a taste of the newest spin on the Epic Stuffed Crust they love.”

Papa Johns first created the Epic Stuffed Crust pizza in 2021, which was followed by a few variations, including Epic Pepperoni Stuffed Crust in 2022, and Epic Garlic Stuffed Crust this year (along with its subsequent spicy version). The lineup of stuffed crust pizzas has driven sales over the past couple of years for the pizza chain and is only one of several new menu categories and line extensions Papa Johns has initiated over the past several years in an attempt to be one of the top innovators in the pizza business. Other innovations include Papa Bites, Papa Bowls, and Papadias.

As CEO Rob Lynch said during the company’s most recent earnings call, the Epic Stuffed Crust pizza lineup is on the higher end of the Papa Johns barbell pricing strategy, with discounts and promotions on non-specialty pizzas catered toward the price-conscious customer on the other end of the barbell strategy.

“We’ve been able to really segregate the value-conscious consumer vs. the consumer that’s willing to spend more and therefore mitigate some of the inflation that we’ve seen in the business model,” Lynch said in November during the company’s Q3 earnings call.

Papa Johns is also looking for aspiring influencers to be some of the first to try the new Cheesy Calzone Epic Stuffed Crust pizza, and will announce more details on Instagram.


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