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KFC adds Honey BBQ and Spicy Mac & Cheese to its Wraps Lineup


KFC created new variations of its popular chicken sandwich with last summer’s launch of the Ultimate BBQ fried chicken sandwich and its test of the Spicy Slaw chicken sandwich. Now the chain is also iterating its wraps, introducing Honey BBQ and Spicy Mac & Cheese offerings to the two-for-$5 lineup.

The new flavors are available for a limited time and join the existing lineup for five total wraps options, including:

  • Spicy Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, a soft tortilla wrapped around an Extra Crispy Tender with mac & cheese, spicy mayo, and a three-cheese blend.
  • Honey BBQ Chicken Wrap, a soft tortilla wrapped around an Extra Crispy Tender with honey BBQ sauce, mayo, and crunchy pickles.
  • Mac & Cheese Chicken Wrap, featuring an Extra Crispy Tender topped with KFC’s cheddar mac & cheese and finished with a sprinkle of three-cheese blend.
  • Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap, which covers an Extra Crispy Tender in a mix of KFC coleslaw, spicy sauce and crunchy pickles.
  • Classic Chicken Wrap, a hand-breaded Extra Crispy Tender, crunchy pickles, and creamy mayo, wrapped up in a warm tortilla.

“KFC is THE destination for fried chicken wraps. We’re serving up bold new flavors and big deals to help curb the post-holiday blues and give your wallet a break,” KFC U.S. CMO Nick Chavez said in a statement.

KFC’s wraps have provided a sales tailwind for the chain. They were launched in early 2023 as part of the chain’s efforts to “modernize the brand” and attract younger consumers, who prefer portable and boneless chicken offerings.

“Bringing our wraps back produced the sales momentum we needed headed into our nuggets launch (in April),” Chavez said during a recent interview. He added that KFC has gained share in younger demographics, while the sales mix of its boneless products has increased “significantly” in the past year.

The two-for-$5 deal has also benefited the brands as more consumers seek such value offerings. During parent company Yum Brands’ Q1 earnings call in May, CEO David Gibbs said, “The strongest sales (KFC) saw in a customer segment were with the lowest-income consumers. So, the consumer base lifting sales was from low-income consumers because they did a great job connecting with them through that (two-for-$5) offering.”

In addition to the two-for-$5 offer, customers who create an account on the KFC app and add a minimum $1 purchase to their cart can add an additional wrap and redeem the offer for free. A KFC Wraps combo is also available, featuring any two wraps, a medium drink, and Secret Recipe Fries for $8.49.


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