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How Southern California restaurant franchise Roll ‘Em Up is building infrastructure for fast growth


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In-N-Out Burger. Raising Cane’s. Dave’s Hot Chicken.

All three brands have become iconic across the U.S. by serving a focused, high-quality menu and by scaling with help from loyal, passionate team members.

Roll ‘Em Up Taquitos hopes to join that roster. And a big point in its favor is COO Sam Fonseca, who has experience working at all three of those brands. Fonseca is now helping the Southern California-based franchise build its corporate infrastructure and systems as it prepares for massive growth. Roll ‘Em Up has already grown to 14 locations in four years and is aiming for hundreds more in the coming years.

Fonseca joined the latest episode of Take-Away with Sam Oches to talk about Roll ‘Em Up’s unique product offering, how the corporate team is building a buzz and loyal customer base from scratch, and how he’s modeling the corporate structure like that of a sports team.

In this conversation, you’ll learn why:

  • How you present your product in your marketing determines the customer’s need state
  • There is a hole in the market for a pizza and wings alternative
  • A restaurant’s corporate infrastructure is not so different from a sports team
  • A great team requires great players who are passionate about winning
  • If you’re looking for healthy franchise growth, choose experienced operators

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